Wagga – Tumit, Aces and Eights Hot Rod Show

Weather: Cool and sunny.

Roads: Bumpy country roads. Narrow twisties.

Traffic: Light to Gundagai, medium to Tumit, light to Wagga.

Law: Nil outside of Wagga

After a week back at work from my honeymoon I really needed a ride. After noticing that there was a Hot Rod show in Tumit asked the Diggers if they wanted to come along. A total of 6 bikes showed up from Diggers and RDV, a local Wagga club.

Started at the usual place then drove north through town and out along the river towards Gungagai. For the most part the road was good, although narrow at times, until about 40kms out of Gundi where a sudden dirt road appeared with road works. This was around a corner with very little warning.

Once past that we had a brew at the Dog and continued East along the freeway for a tad before getting back on the back roads. With the wife on the back I slowed down for the narrower, busier avenues around Brungle while the remainder of the group forged ahead. Meeting up at a river crossing we passed a group of Jap bikes also enjoying the day… as much as they could on plastic bikes.

Pulling into Tumit we lunched at a local before checking out the Aces and Eights Show and Shine. Quite a few beautiful examples of customization in both bodywork and paint, and a few that required a few more weeks of care before they should be in a show. Highlight would be the couple of black and chrome leadsleds. Low light, the house painted chevy with spray painted tyres for whitewalls.

The counter weight and I left the group after this. I was feeling tired and the wife was getting a bit saddle sore so we travelled home via the quick route throug Adelong to the freeway.

Overall a great ride with varying road conditions and lots of opportunity for further detour. Take a full day to ride it and try to get a weekend with something on in Tumit, or just have a nice counter meal.


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